Move frome Truenas Scale to Dietpi


I’m new to dietpi, but I love it already.
Have at the time a “Nas” builded by my own. But this consumes a lot of electricity and
in the blog I readed something from a own build with some HDD to usb and mdadm for raid.
This looks very intresting for me.
Now there are some question:

  • Is it possible to install borg-backup when yes can this script been used for the nextcloud backup from dietpinextcloud?
  • Is it possible tu install sendmail?
  • have dietpi a easy proxy manager like nginxproxymanager
  • Is there a software to have a gui for smb/nfs shares or only possible per shell?

Sorry for my bad english, but I hope it’s clear what I mean and someone can help.

First auf all, willkommen in der Community :wink:

Basically, DietPi is not an operating system in its own right. It is a set of bash scripts on a normal Debian system. We only run a reduced/minimal number of apt packages. That’s why we call it Diet. In general you are free to install every software on your own. No need to use our software install script.

Let’s try to answer your question one by one.

Should be possible. We offer NFS client functionality within dietpi-drive_manager to mount NFS shares directly from a NFS server. Our default mount point is somewhere in /mnt. Means, the borg backup script would need to be adjusted accordingly. Or you mount the NFS share manually. As you like. Further adjustments on the borg script might be needed to fit to NC data directory aso.

of course, same was as on other Debian based systems.

We do not offer a direct proxy manager. You can just use Nginx or install Docker + NPM. I have created my own script that could work similar to our dietpi-software. Just remember that NPM conflicts with the Nextcloud webserver and you might need to move the NC webserver to another HTTP port first. DietPi-Software | NGINX Proxy Manager (NPM) · Issue #4417 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

No we don’t have such a gui. But you can have a look into our online docs for config options. File Servers Options - Docs

Nothing to be sorry about, feel free to use translation tools like DeepL.

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Sorry, need to correct myself. We don’t offer NPM as it is a simple Docker container. However we have native proxy apps available like HAProxy or frp. And of course, any web server like Nginx or Apache2 can also be used as a reverse proxy.

Thanks, then you have already helped me a lot

Then I will install the nginx proxy manager via docker. However, there is still a question: Have so far always forwarded in the proxy manager to IP:port, how does that work with nextcloud from dietpi, there is yes ip/nextcloud?

i read into samba via shell and saw that it is also possible to create home directories for users. Do you know if it is possible to create this home directory on /mnt/harddisk?

It’s working exactly same way. There is nothing different on DietPi. Within NPM, forward IP and port 80. The subfolder doesn’t need to be configured in NPM. Afterwards, you can reach NC via

Yes should be possible. Just need to specify it during user creation.

thanks, but it’s easier when I can use instead www.domain/nextcloud

In this case, you would have to reconfigure the NC web server and adjust the corresponding NC configuration files.