How to exit setup and start using dietpi?

I have installed dietpi on a Pi 4 and gone through the setup menus. I am now stalled at the root @ dietpi: prompt. Please give me the command to exit setup and how to open the program for use.

The root@dietpi prompt means that you are at the shell.
Usually the programs run from other systems.
Find the software you installed from the list.
For example samba. Click on the other tabs for more information.

Setup finished. You are at the so called command line (CLI) now. This is same on all Linux based operating system. There you need to enter the command you like to execute.

What program/application you like to use? DietPi is not a single program, it’s a set of bash script on a Debian operating system.

Best would be to have a look to our online docs DietPi Documentation - Docs

Not sure I understand. I thought dietpi included all the needed software to run stand alone. I selected manual start and Chromium to be the start up program. I expected a login and then either chromium or a list to select from would appear.

by default, DietPi is a normal OS that will give you the possibility to install software. By default, there is nothing installed. Otherwise, it would not be DIET

We offer over 200 different software title on our catalogue that could be selected to install using dietpi-software. None of these software apps is preinstalled.

If you like to run Chromium in kiosk mode, just open dietpi-software, select Chromium, install the software and at the end choose Chromium for autostart. Reboot your system and you are done

Did you checked our online docs on how thinks are working?

OK, I did go through the extensive list of programs. I selected four to download including Chromium. They all downloaded. What I didn’t do to choose autostart. Once I do that, how do I exit setup and trigger the autostart? thanks for all your help

simply reboot your system and the app selected for autostart will open.