Dietpi not mounting Samba share after update to v6.5?

Dietpi v6.5 can’t mount my samba share. Configured through diepi-config, used to work fine until now. The share is visible to other devices but Dietpi can’t connect. I don’t know what to do…

On a Raspberry Pi 3.

Edit: dietpi-services status reports all services working fine, including smbd and nmbd.

I found a workaround here:

I got there because trying to mount it from the command line with “mount.cifs” gave me a “host is down” message.

Manually adding “vers=1.0” at the end of the fstab entry allowed me to mount the share again.

I can confirm this bug.
I have 2x Raspberry Pi 2 and one Tinkerboard boxes all running new version of Dietpi. One of the Raspberry Pi just wont mount cifs share even the fstab mount line is exactly the same in all boxes. This is corrected by inserting vers=1.0 parameter to fstab on this box as described above.

Also 2 other boxes show in dietpi-config that samba is not installed even thou samba mounts are working just fine.

Thanks everyone. We’ll get this patched for v6.7: