Comparing ubuntu to dietpi

A week ago, i found dietpi page which make me think about replace my current setup with dietpi.

Currently using ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS server with Docker images on raspberry pi 4 4gb.
Docker: Homeassistant, Jellyfin, Samba, qbittorrent.
Native: Zerotier

My question is, if i setup above configuration
in dietpi makes any difference (performance)?
does i need to switch - my priority always is security over performance.

I don’t think there is a huge gain on performance. The only thing might be memory usage as we aim to install a minimum on apt packages. We never did a comparison with Ubuntu but some other Debian versions DietPi OS stats & comparison

Most of your app are available as native installation on DietPi software catalogue. Means you could try to get Docker out, which would save again some resource. At least for HA, we install HA core + HACS plugin. Not the full Supervision version.

@kayyum_in: We also did a blog post about the results there: Comparison to other Debian based distributions – Why should you use DietPi? – DietPi Blog.
If you like to investigate on a “fresh” installed Ubuntu system, there is a script for comparing the base installations.