Apache logs rotating

I have a RPI5, newest 9.1.1. installed, new build.

I’m having an issue with Apache2 logs rotating rapidly. I have the apache2 script in cron.daily. The cron.daily is set to run once per day. Logrotate is not installed. But I cannot find what is causing the logs to rotate. I remember there used to be a log ration setting in Dietpi-config, but cannot find this anymore.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

did you tried checking journalctl to see Apache logs? Web Development Software Options - DietPi.com Docs

Understand about journalctl -u apache2, but I utilize a traffic /error reporting program that uses the Apache2 logfiles for each site. It is run once per day, but the log files are rotating out so fast, I’m missing most of the day.

If I’m not mistaken logs are cleared on hourly basis on default settings. Log System Choices - DietPi.com Docs

Of course it was right in front of me :-/ Thank you!