wireguard install

hi at all,

just installed wireguard on Virtualbox and after reboot I now do not know how to configure it. is there a setup for this?

best wishes!


You can have a look to our online docs. https://dietpi.com/docs/software/vpn/#wireguard

Usually Wireguard server should be configured already

thanks, so I do not have to point it to my pihole as DNS when the router is configured to look at the Pihole as DNS (unbound to be precise), right?

You would need to check client configuration files and adjust DNS server if needed

sudo nano /etc/wireguard/wg0-client.conf and then change DNS setting there?

Depending on what is set and what it should be :slight_smile:

default is standard router as DNS, right? that would be convenient since it wouldn’t need any change at all.

if that is your DNS server, use it. As an alternative use PiHole directly

pihole is set as DNS in router so wireguard pointing to the router as DNS is basically Pihole.