Wifi gui, what should i use, wpa_gui not work?


i want to use a wifi gui to scan and connect wifi networks…
my problem:
when i run realvnc i can use wpa_gui.

but when i connect to the pc via xrdp the wpa_gui opens, but there is no device avaible.
with vnc it will be work.

i don’t know the reason… is it a permisson problem, cause the xrdp is not allowed to use the network devices??

or is there any alternatives? most of the alternatives not avaible

thank you

probably it depends on the user you use to login. Anyway did you tried to connect to WiFi using dietpi-config?

Dietpi launcher connection works.
I need for some users a easier gui
Btw: is dietpi always 64 bit for raspi 4? Found nothing about architecture versions

for 32bit, you would need to use image of RPi1