Why are not all programs updated with ("apt upgrade") automatically as soon as a new release comes out


i installed all my programs via the official DietPi Repository with the dietpi-launcher (dietpi-software).

what i noticed now is, that just two of these many programs are updated via apt upgrade. Its tailscale and jellyfin.

all other software like sonarr, radarr, bazarr, sabnzbd, prowlarr etc etc. have also been installed via the “official way”, have released many updates since the initial install (around 6 months ago), but have never been automatically been updated.

why? i thought when i install everything via the official dietpi-software, that it would get automatically updated.

What is the best practice to keep the software up 2 date? How to proceed now? Any Tips or hints what im doing wrong?


TL:TR: there is no automatic way for all software title. It depends on the specific app.

This is a misunderstanding. Update procedure depends on the way how the individual app has been installed.

We don’t have an own repository. We just offer a way to install software title from official source using our automation scripts. Means, we do same thing as you would do manually, but more in a user-friendly way with majority of configuration already done, making apps usable ootb.

This depends on individual app. Apps that have been installed via apt package manager will be updated using apt update or while running dietpi-update.

Some apps have their own build in update functionality within web UI. There user would need to trigger the update manually. Same way as you would have installed the software yourself.

Other apps require a reinstallation to get updated. For most of the apps we put some hints into our online docs DietPi Documentation - DietPi.com Docs


thanks for clarifing :slight_smile: