VM DietPi arm64

Creating a bug report/issue

Required Information

  • DietPi version | newest
  • Distro version | Debian Bullseye arm64
  • Kernel version | newest
  • Architecture | arm64
  • SBC model | orange pi 5
  • Power supply used | 5v 2a
  • SD card used | SSD

I am a long time DietPi user, ive run it on many sbc’s.

I’m trying something different today on a 16gb Orange Pi 5. I have proxmox setup. On this arm64 host I can only run arm64 vm’s. So I cant use the provided x86 vm files. I installed Debian Bullseye arm64 and ran the Installer script. It installs without issue. I then edited /boot/dietpi.sh so after reboot it would initial install itself. Now in proxmox console it boots up but with an error, that ipv4 cant be reached. When I selected network settings, it says ‘no network card’. Im going to experiment with adding additional network interfaces in proxmox but would love a suggestion if you know what I should do.

On Proxmox @StephanStS or @HolgerTB might be able to assist.

I can offer to look at it at my OPI5 if you could supply us with a step-by-step installation description (at best with a couple of screenshots).
I have never set up Proxmox on ARM.

If there is a solution at the end, this could serve for an DietPi installation chapter “Proxmox on ARM” which I then can generate and add to How to install DietPi - DietPi.com Docs.

Thanks for getting back to me so quick. This was my installation.
1 installed debian bullseye arm64 image
2 run dietpi installer script
3 doesn’t reboot

that’s as far as I’ve got. and when I run the installer script, if I chose build for Orange Pi 5, after install never boots. If I chose container image it never boots. if I chose generic arm, it’ll boot but immediately has no network connection

maybe you can have a look into following How to create a DietPi-VM in Pimox7?

Maybe /etc/network/interfaces would need to be adjusted

Thanks!! This worked!
So step by step is just:
1 deploy debian arm64
2 run installer script
3 edit /etc/network/interfaces
-editing from eth0 to your network device name


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