New Device:
DietPi for VMware (Virtual Machine) is now available. More info: https://dietpi.com/forum/t/dietpi-for-vmware-virtual-machine/83/1

New Features:
DietPi-Morsecode | Converts and renders a text file into morse code. You never know when you might need it! :slight_smile: https://dietpi.com/docs/dietpi_tools/#dietpi-morse-code

DietPi-Sync | Added option to enable/disable an automated daily sync (using cron).
/etc/hdparm.conf | Added default power management settings for external USB drives. This will spindown the /dev/sda drive after 30 minutes. APM is set to 127 which allows max performance whilst still allowing spindown.

Bug fixes:
DietPi-Cloudshell | Improved CPU usage results (they actually work now :wink:). Completey re-coded, and, no longer requires sysstat (mpstat) to be installed.
Pi-hole | Resolved issues with dnsmasq startpar and missing user errors during boot.
General | Resolved issue with apc.php page not providing information/stats on Odroid images.