Use streaming services like I'm home (VPN?)


My son is often away from home for work, staying in another home.

I’d like to let him use my Disney+ and Netflix accounts even when he’s away, using the smart devices there and not having to use the phone, but the latest policies require me to acknowledge the use or having to be bothered in some other way.

I was wondering if there is a way of having devices in the secondary home network appear as if they are exiting to the internet with the same IP of my primary home network.

This should be the work of a VPN. I’m not an expert in the matter but I guess that setting up a VPN server in my home dietpi, and having my son connect with a client to that should make the trick.

Dietpi has various VPN server programs available in the list. Could they work beside the usual software I already have installed?

Am I correct or am I overlooking something? Would maybe the workload of managing all the packets of a streaming service be too much for a raspberry pi 3?

Using a VPN should work without issue. Did this some years ago to steam content while I was on a business trip on the other side of the globe.

The choice of VPN server depends a little bit on the client you are able to install in the device that should stream the content in the secondary location.

Thanks for answering.

In the secondary location I have a smart tv and a Nvidia switch tv. I think in either case I can install some wireguard client.

On the server side rpi4 I was thinking of installing pivpn from the available software list and follow the defaults. I know almost nothing about VPNs but I think it should be enough.

yeah first ensure what is possible on the Smart TV. Another option beside Wireguard might be Tailscale