USB thumbdrive not appearing in File Manager

I’m sure this is a basic question, but I am a noob at working in this environment.
When I insert a USB thumb drive and then run the “lsblk” command in terminal, I see the drive show up as sda. The issue I am having is that the drive does not show up in File Manager. When I run the same process in raspian, the drive automatically mounts and appears in File Manager. This is not happening under Dietpi. What am I missing?

Nope, drives are not mounted automatically. Pls run dietpi-drive_manager to mount drives DietPi tools - Docs

Awesome, thx!

That worked great.
So, will this drive be mounted when I plug it in next time, or will I need to mount it each time?

Nor the one or the other. It’s not mounted on boot, but if something tries to access it, it will be mounted automatically.

Best to attach the drive and reboot the system afterwards