Updating software packages: AdGuard

sorry for all the #noob questions :slight_smile:
I have installed AdGuard Home via DietPi-Software. So far so good!

Now when I start the AdGuard management monsole via my browser (port 8083), it tells me there is an update available and asks if i want to upgrade.

Question is: is upgrading the packages (like this AdGuard Home) part of upgrades offered via DietPI (in other works should I wait until a new release of DietPi comes) or are upgrades done via the applications themselves (so hit the upgrade button in the AdGuard Home dashboard).

I do not want to break my setup by going ahead and update via the dashboard, but I do like to be on the latest releases as these might hold security fixes etc.
Any tip / sharing of knowledge highly appreciated,

For AGH you need to use the update function via web UI. That’s how it is describe on our online docs DNS Servers Options - DietPi.com Docs

O shoot, seen so many documentation , that I totally missed that tab.
Thanks @Joulinar