Updating Node-red

I was wondering how node-red/node.js is installed in DietPi and how best to update it. Is it just an apt-get install?

Raspbian has a script to update node.js/node-red but this is pretty specific to that Distro/SBC.

I’ve got a variety of platforms from an older v159 to a more recent V6, so this is not just a how to do it now, but also future releases.



Thanks for the pointer.

For anyone else who might want to update/upgrade node-red, best way is to update node.js first, then npm and finally node-red.

: Update node.js first

wget http://raw.githubusercontent.com/taaem/nodejs-linux-installer/master/node-install.sh
chmod +x node-install.sh

:then update npm

npm i -g npm

Then node-red

npm install -g node-red --unsafe-perm

then restart node-red

dietpi-services restart node-red

How does one enable node-red on boot with v6.7?


Over a year since I posted this. Is this still the correct way to update node-red on DietPi?

Just updated to V6.24.1 and want to update node-red.

Jep this is still fully correct, however the Node.js/npm update could be skipped.

If you update Node.js, take care the following issue with the installer on ARMv6: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues/2755