Updating node.js

Hello all,

I’d like to update nod-red (0.20.08).

I updated npm before I found this at, https://dietpi.com/forum/t/updating-node-red/2041/1 which says I should update node.js first.
I’ve followed:

wget http://raw.githubusercontent.com/taaem/nodejs-linux-installer/master/node-install.sh
chmod +x node-install.sh

Works till I get to (./node-install.sh) then I get a no internet error.

root@DietPi:~# ./node-install.sh
Node Linux Installer by www.github.com/taaem
Running as Root User
Get Latest Version Number...
ERROR: No Internet Connection

any ideas?

did you simply tried to reinstall?

dietpi-software reinstall 122

I would recommend to create a backup first.

Thanks I thought about that.

I’d definitely do a backup, but would it anyway wipe all node red flows, influxDB’s and other stuff, or just the core apps?

Usually it should not remove stuff. At least our code will install node.js and node-red only. If everything is located on a SD card, the backup should be complete.