Unable to scan and connect to wifi with dietpi-config

Raspberry Pi 4, DietPi 8.6.1. aarch64 5.15.32-v8+ #1538
same thing on RPi 3B+, 8.6.1, also aarch64.

When I try to scan for wifi networks with dietpi-config, I get this error message:

[FAILED] DietPi-WifiDB | An interface of type “wlan” does not exist.
Error: argument “” is wrong: “dev” not a valid ifname.
[ OK ] DietPi-WifiDB | Scanning SSID, please wait…
Interface doesn’t support scanning.

it also does not connect when set SSID and password manually. The country code is set, but in the overview of the Network Options: Adapters, it says:

│ WiFi : Not Found | [On] | Disconnected │
│ Onboard WiFi : [On] │

Did you reboot the system after onboard WiFi has been activated?


Just tested on my RPi4B without issues

              ●─ Adapter Options ──────────● 
 Ethernet     : Available | [On] | Connected 
 WiFi         : Available | [On] | Connected 
 Onboard WiFi : [On]                         

No. Works after reboot.