Dietpi will Be Great Choice For Surface RT Your Helpe Is Needed

Okay that like a highly customised image that has nothing to do with Raspberry Pi OS (in it’s core) aside of using the RPi desktop which is a customised LXDE.

That one doesn’t seem like a good basis to create a DietPi from. I suggest to check whether there is a plain Debian image for it or whether even the official Debian installer works. That will be much cleaner and trustworthy.

EDIT: I might be wrong. Raspberry Pi OS is somehow listed as officially supported OS but I’m pretty much confused why since it’s an entirely different SoC, the RPi bootloader and kernel cannot work, of course. This doesn’t make sense to me at all :smile:. Using plain Debian should be a much cleaner result.

Dear MichaIng

IF you just visited this link How to

you will see
that they are adding some files to the boot section of the sd card(usb device)
and injecting the kernel inside the root filesystem

but this process didn’t work for Diet pi i don’t know why

because DietPi installer will remove all software that is unexpected and will try to use plain RPi OS :wink:

Okay that’s like a didend i will try it the hard way .

Hi everyone i have managed to make it happens

now the only thing missing is wifi because i had to miss the first boot wifi setup

iam having the same problem

as soon that trouble is fixed i well upload the image her

I guess your case is different as you are running a complete different hardware. Maybe there as some drivers missing for your device

thanks for reply
nothing is missing i have managed to start wifi using

sudo apt install network-manager network-manager-gnome
sudo service dhcpcd stop 
sudo service network-manager restart

but what im looking for is to make it happens with default Diet pi first time setup
to build as clean as possible image for others to use

Network Manager is a conflicting tool and will not work together with DietPi config scripts. Because we use ifupdown to manage network connections. Means, from now on, you need to use Network Manager instead of dietpi-config

Because the Surface RT dose not have lan card . its only has the sd8797_uapsta wifi
and if i want to Give people a warking image it should have the default wifi card working from the first setup

it is just to keep in mind. ifupdown is conflicting software title for network-manager. Usually you should have got a warning during apt install

ok would you please advice how to make it works withe ifupdown without the need for other pkg

the dietpi-config show that ther are no wifi card

They write in the tutorial:

Wifi doesn’t work

Make sure that you copied the modules forlder to /lib/modules
Make sure that the kernel version and the modules version do match
Get the modules folder name and compare it to uname -r

Did you do that? The question is, will the module version match the current kernel version?

yes i did it’s from the same version .
and i have used the latest DietPi_RPi-ARMv6-Bullseye .

For customers of course you cannot make WiFi working OOTB without knowing their SSIDs and WiFi passwords, which is what you can enter into dietpi-wifi.txt to have it working on first boot. You could enable WiFi modules/firmware already, but the final setup would then need to be done by end user via dietpi-config.

So if you have customers which need desktop/GUI-integrated tools to do that, indeed NetworkManager is the choice. For preparing the image, enable WiFi once, so the modules are not blacklisted and in case of RPi onboard WiFi is enabled. Then remove the respective line in /etc/network/interfaces and/or purge ifupdown so that it doesn’t interfere.

I DON’T really needs GUI-integrated tools if i can solve the

│ WiFi : Not Found | [On] | Disconnected │

with out the need for network-manager

Then you can switch onboard WiFi on via dietpi-config and end users can then use it to actually scan and enter WiFi credentials for their SSID.

i’m thankful for your help the problem is that no matter what i do dietpi-config is not showing that found device and or being capable to scan for network when i do scan it splash screen and go back to adaptter settings and even i put wi-fi setup byhand it keeps showing │ WiFi : Not Found | [On] | Disconnected │

Did you reboot the system once onboard WiFi has been activated? Can you share ip a after a reboot happen?