Trying to use dietpi as an offline NAS

Hello all,

I am running a Raspberry Pi 4 4gb and am wanting to use dietpi to serve as a offline NAS. I am currently booting dietpi of a Samsung T5 SSD. I am trying to set up a mount point using drive manager, but i get prompted to set up a samba file server. I set the file server address as the ip address of the server and the samba share fails to create. I already have Plex and the wifi hotspot installed. I will post screen shots of the error when i get home. Sorry for the hopefully easy question/. If there is an easier way to accomplish this, i am all ears.

I am trying to follow these steps:

Thanks in advance

Probably wrong thinking. Drive manager will not setup any samba server. It will try to connect your system as client to another server.

To setup an own samba server, you would need to open dietpi-software, select Samba as file server and hit install.

Ah, that makes sense, so then how would I go about creating a mount point. For example /mnt/media to have a tv shows folder and movies and the like?

Samba install will create a default mount point on DietPi user data. This can be changed later on. Just have a look to our online docs on how to change destination directory.

So add samba from the add software list, then change the default location. Then tell Plex and whatever other apps I want to use where to find the media?

theoretically yes, just select the file server inside dietpi-software

Is it possible to change the samba user data location to move it up a level, so it could be /mnt/media/movies vs. /mnt/dietpi-user data/movies? If not it’s not a big thing, just a curiosity at this point.

just have a look to the online docs I linked. There it is described how to change the destination folder. It can be anything you like. Just ensure proper access for default dietpi user.

If you’re struggling configuring Samba users, Shares, permissions etc, I recommend installing WebMin and using its GUI. Makes it easier to setup Samba config and understand how it works before dipping back into the CLI and Samba’s conf files.