Torguard with Transmission & Samba

Evening people, this will probably be the easiest thing in the world for you clever folks, but I’m struggling to find out what I need.

I want to use a spare rpi4b as a transmission torrent box, it must always use my vpn from torguard, either wireguard or openvpn protocol, and allow me to connect to it via the transmission remote app on other devices.

To allow access to the downloads I’d like to be able to access the downloads folder from other devices via samba?

Ive got a 2.5" ssd to use for storage.

How do I go about it? Installing transmission is easy, I’m not sure about samba, it’s mainly gonna be permissions that will be tricky I guess without a gui… But how do I ensure the rpi connects only via it’s vpn set up?

Cheers all.

All of the above mentioned software is supported by dietpi and you can setup transmission, samba, and VPNs from the menu.

It’s the VPN bit that’s most confusing, I watched a video on pivpn but it went into server and client keys, and totally lost me, I normally use a torguard app but obviously on dietpi I need to use CLi and I’m struggling.

Btw, given the same name and profile pic, I’ll guess your on the Openwrt forum too…

Yes, the same from OpenWrt. Maybe it would be much easier to follow the guides in OpenWrt wiki to set it up on the router and redirect the interesting traffic with VPN-PBR, if you find the key concept difficult in the videos.

I’ve put dietpi onto a usb stick and booted an old laptop into it, so I can practice on that before using the RPi4 and breaking something lol.

Still struggling, can’t figure out how to make wireguard work.

I will look into the Openwrt route and see if that’s better documented for a noob like me.

usually you should get client config file from your VPN provider. this one can be used to start the VPN client on DietPi

Usuing WireGuard as client is describe on our online docs

My vpn provider has a config generator.

I pick Openvpn or Wireguard, Pick which server i want to use, Put in my username and password. Then, theres 2 boxes that say Public key, private key, and a message saying leave blank to auto generate… but im not sure as im using a different machine to do the config, if i need keys from the dietpi or not…

after that i can click generate, and it gives me a screen of details, info and downloads me a .conf file.

How do i get that file onto my dietpi install and use it? The guide doesnt really even mention it, which is why i got stuck, as im very much a beginner at all this.

I guess you are talking about WireGuard? The key has no relation to a specific device, they can be used on any client. It’s needed to authenticate client and server.

On DietPi, just install WireGuard from dietpi-software. During installation process, you will be ask if you like to setup client or server. Just select client. The *.conf file would need to be stored at /etc/wireguard. This as well is describe on our online docs

Right then, i will try again now…