[solved] Samba and Sonarr access to same folders


So i have install sonarr and samba and made folder from my external hdd samba main folder and i want to make sonarr use the same folder but i get this error : Folder is not writable by user sonarr.
Is there some way to make sonarr have permissions to the same folder ?

So i have fixed my first problem now

And another problem i have is there a way to get access to samba server from remote location?
is setting a vpn the smartest option ?

I am completely new to linux and setting up servers

I got my problems solved :slight_smile:

Great to here you already solved it.

About permissions, in such cases it is best to add the software run user, which needs permissions, to the group of the directory owner group. By default on DietPi this would be usermod -a -G dietpi sonarr to allow Sonarr write to the default samba share.

About samba via internet:
Theoretically it’s possible to share SMB and NFS via internet, but it is definitely no recommended, as these network file servers do not handle latencies and broken connections very well. If you would want to do it regardless, then yes I think a VPN is safest then.

But usually there are better protocols, made for file transfer via internet. Depending on the control and complexity you want, have a look at: