DietPi i2c problem

Great little distro and super for my headless controller application.

I am trying to install a real time clock - , but after installing i2c-tools I am getting the following:
when i2cdetect used:

could not open /dev/i2c-0

I had the same issue with Raspian Wheezy and had to use raspi-config to enable i2c kernel hardware
There must be a file to configure , but I cannot find it, can anyone advise please?

Hi Aidan,

I’ll have to look into this further. But in the mean time, you can still use raspi-config with DietPi to enable i2c:

Reinstall Raspi-Config:

apt-get install raspi-config -y



I believe its under advanced > A7 I2C

Turns out you can just add this to your /DietPi/config.txt

Kind Regards,

AOK Thanks for the link to the config command.
I had tried Raspi-Config. reported errors and did not work.