[Solved]Replace lighttpd for nginx

I have a raspberry pi with Dietpi and I installed PiHole a long time ago. It doesn’t have much configured, I use it mostly for local dns solving. I didn’t pay much attention when I installed it because it seems that I have it installed with Lighttpd. The thing is that I know more about Nginx than Lighttpd so I’d like to switch from that to Nginx.

Is there an easy way to do this?

If it helps, the rasperry doesn’t have much else installed… just the following:
Docker, Git, Sycthing, Fail2Ban, PiVpn and PiHole

Thanks in advance

That should do it:

dietpi-software uninstall 84 # uninstall Lighttpd
dietpi-software install 85 # install Nginx
dietpi-software reinstall 93 # reinstall Pi-hole to deploy its Ngnix configs

That worked, thanks!!