RPi 4 as Wifi AP for RV

I want to get rid of my Spitz Router in my rv to halve the power consumption.
How to make my Rpi a lokal Hotspot with DHCP and Webserver, is there a DietPi solution?
Internet should work over my Smartfone Hotspot
If that works a want to install home assist.

If you wanna create a hotspot with DietPi and connect your phone via wifi you can use this:

If you wanna create a hotspot with your phone and connect your RPi to it you can just do this with dietpi-config without extra software.

Maybe this blog post gives some more understanding and an option to add an ad blocker: DietPi’s WiFi – Part 1: Combining the WiFi HotSpot with an Ad blocker – DietPi Blog

Does it mean your RPi should connect to your mobile phone via WiFi as well?

Maybe you can give some more details on how it all should work together? Will the mobile phone active whole time?

@Jappe i know this, but The requirements are:
1x Ethernet connection (LAN)

i’ve no Lan and i need no lan

Ok, more details:
i’ve a Spizt Router to provide a Network in my RV.
I’ve a Rpi to host Home Assistant, connect to the Spitz with Wifi
i’ve several Sensores (Wifi, MQTT…) connected to the RPi.

The Router and the Raspi consumes about 2 * 3A.
If i can add the Router Funkitonallity to the Raspi i’ve 3A more to spend.

and which device is providing internet connection? Where is it connected to?

No Internet needed, should be a lokal Wifi Network.

The Ethernet is just for the route into the internet, which you don’t need in your case, since it’s only.

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ok, thx, will try it

And the RPI should work as access point where WiFI clients are connecting to?

I’m still lost on the use case because of this statement

Still don’t understand how many hotspot you have and which role the your smart phone has.

@jappe i’m getting this message i trying to install wifi hotspot

seems that Ethernet is not optional

correct, our hotspot installation is expecting 2 interfaces (eth0 + wlan0)

For your use case, you might need to look into RaspAP