RPI 2 + DietPi + best audiophile software?


I have a spare RPI 2 that i would like to turn into a music player.

Which software would you recommend? I don’t have a USB DAC or HifiBerry as of right now, so it will be a through HDMI or Analog.
The most optimal would be to stream to a bluetooth speaker (i have a usb bluetooth dongle). But i don’t know how to configure DietPi to output audio through the bluetooth dongle!?

I would like to be able to upload music to the RPI 2 and remotely control it through a web browser, like Ampache or SubSonic.

Which software do you think i should try out from the DietPi repo and what kind of music/audiophile setup are you guys and girls running ?

Roon is possibly the best all round, espically for library management and play. But it does require a license:

I mainly use HiFi (MPD + YMPD). Lightweight web music player:

SubSonic is also fine, Ampache doesn’t install MPD at the moment, so its streaming only to client system.

As for bluetooth speaker. I’ll need to get one ordered and see whats involved in pairing it with RPi 3.

DietPi is a great platform for building your preferred music player. Personally I still use Subsonic a lot (especially because of how easy it is to set up for across the internet streaming), for me it’s also a nice quick and , for the most part, sensible interface and library system but I also use Mopidy a lot now too (primarily for the access to Spotify) - What stops Mopidy becoming my main player is the poor handling of local files and that its MPD implementation simply won’t play nice with GMPD as a controller…

All said and done though, the YMPD / MPD combo, whilst lacking bells and whistles is a super fast and super clean way to get up and running with your music.

You’ll certainly manage to try the apps with the setup you have, but for the 15-20 quid it’ll cost it’s well worth getting a basic i2s dac on it and running some proper cables out of the Pi. Something like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/I2S-HiFi-DAC-ES9023-Expansion-Board-Decode-Board-Encoder-for-Raspberry-pi-B-/331617734712?hash=item4d35f51038:g:cmUAAOSwu4BVu50u

Or you could spring for something a bit more fancy from JustBoom or another branded retailer.

Thank you! I will look into the different options and se which i like! :slight_smile:

Anyone know if it’s possible to output the audio via a bluetooth adapter (sender) and then to a bluetooth speaker (receiver) in a easy way on DietPi? I want to use Shairpoint Sync + HIFI and output the audio to my bluetooth speaker.

I had a quick look, but have not finished yet.

But I think it requires pulseaudio for a bluetooth conversion, not possible to pipe ALSA > BT afaik:

Thank you, will keep myself updated on that topic! :slight_smile: