Rock Pi S eMMC support?

TLDR: Is there a support for booting from eMMC on Rock Pi S?
Hi, I recently got myself a Rock PI S with onboard Emmc which I am planning on using in a lot of projects. The Diet Pi OS worked perfectly from SD but since I want to deploy it without using SD, I wanted to use the emmc. The official images (Debian, Ubuntu) are huge, so I dont want to use them, but they, after flashing to emmc, booted well. Unlike diet pi and armbian. Is anyone using diet pi on onboard emmc?
Thanks in advance.

Edit: using probably the newest bootloader from official website: RockpiS/dev/sdnand-install - Radxa Wiki

Nasty, I just migrated our image from using the old Radxa kernel/bootloader to using the new Armbian one, but looks like there are move caveats than missing Bluetooth support. I’ll have a look into the Armbian forum and give you instructions about how to upgrade to “edge” kernel when I’m back home.