[REQ] Lightweight MQTT Broker Moquette + Crouton Dashboard


as I saw the software Mosquitto in the software list I recommend to also offer those two more interresting programs.

  1. MOQUETTE : a lightweight MQTT Broker (lighter than MOSQUITTO)

  2. CROUTON : Minimalize DASHBOARD from MQTT Broker

Having those both software in one “package” (or separated if you also want MOSQUITTO should use it too) may offer a better Home Automation box on the used ARM board.

  1. FREDOMOTICS : as you offer the way to use Home Assistant as home automation program I recommend you also offer the way to use FREEDOMOTICS because it uses Moquette embedded to interface with MQTT world. Then it will automatically include the broker.

Sincerely thank you to take this in consideration and offer it soon :wink:

Do not forget to vote for this request at : https://feathub.com/MichaIng/DietPi/+48

Have a nice day and a Merry Christmas.

Miguipda :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reasonable requests and happy holidays to you as well :slight_smile:.

Dear MichaIng,

is it some progress or news about this request ?
We are exited to use it soon.

Sincerely thank you for your answer.


Dear MichaIng,

which evolution has this request. Really needed.

Sincerely thank you.

Sorry for the delay. As usual so much more things to do than able to achieve. Currently we need to take care about some important system/distro changes and fixing existing/already supported software has priority. Also there are at least two other software titles that have been raised very much on FeatHub and will be implemented first.

I recommend you follow the documentation to install it: https://moquette-io.github.io/moquette/documentation.html#_installation

mkdir /opt/moquette
cd /opt/moquette
wget https://bintray.com/artifact/download/andsel/generic/moquette-0.12.1.tar.gz
tar zxf moquette-0.12.1.tar.gz
rm moquette-0.12.1.tar.gz
cd bin

I just see it is a “Java implementation”? How can this be lightweight if Java itself already eats half of your RAM? Now I am interested :smiley:.

You right it seems no more lighter than it pretent. Then I use mosquitto but still will use Crouton as light MQTT dashboard.
Thank you.