Replace youtube-dl with yt-dlp?


I noticed that youtube-dl is part of dietpi-software (not listed on the website). However, I feel it-dlp is better and offers more incredible speeds (could be down to location).

I feel like it’s worth putting it out there.


youtube-dl is part of our online docs. That’s where we manage documentation of our software title nowadays.

Tracked here:
Should be simple to apply, probably someone else with shell coding capabilities can implement it.

I am a little late to this thread, but I just wanted to +1 this suggestion to switch to yt-dlp since I see the linked GitHub issue is still open.

The youtube-dl code has been abandoned for quite some time, and also YouTube heavily throttles it’s performance. I typically get less than 50 KiB/s, which is very slow!

[download] Destination: BEST SONGS for TODDLERS 👶🎵 (1 to 3 year olds)/16 - ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT 🌊⛵🎶  + More Nursery Rhymes _ Lingokids.mp4
[download]  10.3% of 343.58MiB at 44.94KiB/s ETA 01:57:03

From what I have read yt-dlp is able to get around this somehow and achieves more reasonable download speeds, plus other features and improvements.

This change has been implemented for next DietPi v8.18: DietPi-Software | Replace youtube-dl with yt-dlp by pulpe · Pull Request #6380 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

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