Recommended dietpi software and hardware for nas 4k streamer

Tried connecting my 2 usb hard drive to my old Synology nas to add more storage without much luck.

So now I’m thinking of using a pi as a second nas for the usb drives. I will use those hard drive to stream 4k content through ethernet to my htpc ( like the nas do now) What dietpi software do you recommend and what hardware is suitable, can a raspberry pi 3 handle this, it will essentially just send data, the actual encoding of the video my htpc will take care of.


how does your htpc access the data on your Synology? Using NFS or CIFS?

It uses nfs for acess

in this case you should be fine to install NFS server only and adjust the export configuration.

For the USB drives, do you plan to have them connected to a USB hub, own PSU or just powered by the RPi?

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it has its own power, it has slots for internal drives.
what raspbeery pi is minimun to run this?

does dietpi have finished packages for an nft server?

Yes, it is available from dietpi-software and the instructions are here.

there is a benchmark overview for RPi regarding network speed. Networking Benchmarks | Raspberry Pi Dramble
At least you should think of a 3B+ or even better the 4B

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I just had an idea, I already have a pi4 with 4gb, newest version, 64 bit diepi installed.
I have sonarr/nzgbet installed (unpacks on my synology nas drives) on it, is it possible to install an nfs file server in conjuction with those?

Of course you could install a NFS server in parallel

great, and now when I think about it that was the function my nas had before (nfs shares with sonarr app) but I got tired of sonarr breaking down when the nas was updated.

at least on DietPi you are in control of updates happen. Means you could switch of Sonarr beforehand :wink: