Rclone like a dietpi servis?

How in Dietpi is it most convenient to automatically use rclone copy and rclone sync with Rclone as a service like other programs?

should work same way as on all other Debian systems

Maybe the programs dietpi-backup resp. dietpi-sync might fulfil your requirements with automated backup resp. sync’ing.
See DietPi tools - DietPi.com Docs and also DietPi tools - DietPi.com Docs for further details.

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It seems to me that not because I would like to copy from Google Drive and Nextcloud. But I could be wrong. As far as I found out, I have to create a script run by cron. It is a pity that this cannot be done from the level of DietPi-launcher. Or I didn’t find it. :wink:

You mean to run rclone on a regular basis, like daily sync? Like on any other Linux distro, indeed. Personally I’d create a cron job for this, e.g. creating a script in /etc/cron.daily to have it executed on a daily basis, where the time can be adjusted in dietpi-cron.

For completeness: Also with dietpi-sync it is possible. You could use rclone mount to mount your cloud storage and then sync into the mount point. But it doesn’t make sense as long as you do not want to access/browse the cloud stage on a regular basis anyway :wink:.


Yes. That’s what I meant.

Do You mean that if I run a script in this directory, it will normally start together with the dietpi system cron jobs? For now, I’ve done it so that I modified the file: crontab -e

better to separate your rclone from dietpi jobs. Just to avoid overlapping. Using crontab -e is totally fine.

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