Raspbian to DietPi Migration Doubts

Hello everyone, so let me explain why I’m here.
At the moment I have, in a raspberry pi 4, raspbian installed and docker, and a bunch of containers (plex, jellyfin, nordvpn, transmission, sonarr, radarr, radarr, jackett and pihole). But lately, the device just crashes and I can’t even connect to the device through ssh, I have to make an hard reset to have everything running. This only happened when I messed with docker to make the latest image versions (radarr and plex) to work.
So I decided to install dietPi. So my doubts are, will I be able to have the same services on this OS? I assume so, at least according to the documentation. But where can I find the service versions that the OS allows us to install? Can I update them later? If I install nordVpn in here all the services will be under it in terms of network right (in docker I had to route all the services manually)?
And finally the most important for me is regarding Plex, right now I have a docker container with a bunch of volumes in an external hard drive, and the configuration folder from plex is quite big. In here plex will have this folder on the SSD card right? Is there any way to move this to the hard drive as well?

And I believe this is it, thanks for the patience.


not sure if I can answer all your questions on one shot but let’s start and work along them.

First of all, DietPi is not an own OS, it’s more a set of bash scripts on top of a base image. In case of Raspberry Pi devices, Raspberry OS is used. Means, DietPi is an slim/diet version of Raspberry OS with reduced amount of packaged and some scripting to allow quite some automation and simplification.

In theory you can install every software package same way as it is on Raspberry OS. It should be same versions as well as DietPi will use same software/package source usually.

For all software title listed above, DietPi is offering own install options. Means there is no need to run Docker as you can install them directly. At least if you want to.

NordVPN can be used on DietPi as well. For this DietPi is offering an own VPN tool dietpi-vpn (based on OpenVPN).

Regarding the external drive. Usually DietPi will store application data on /mnt/dietpi_userdata (if possible). This directory can be moved to an external USB device without issues.

As well you could install DietPi directly on a SSD or HDD drive connected via USB. Means no SD card needed. But yeah this would mean to flash the image directly to SSD/HDD, including the removal of all existing data :sunglasses:

Thanks for the quick reply, to move that folder you mentioned do you know where can I find more info on how to do it? It should be done before installing everything else right?

Yes moving /mnt/dietpi_userdata to an external disk should be done as one of the first thinks. This way you get all installations and config on the external SSD/HDD already. You can use dietpi-drive-manager to perfrom this step. There is quite a good documentation on our online docs https://dietpi.com/docs/dietpi_tools/#dietpi-drive-manager