Raspberry Pi plans to go public (IPO) - thoughts on alternative SBC providers?

I’ve mostly been using DietPi with Raspberry Pi SBCs (3B, 3B+ and now 4), however with Raspberry Pi announcing that they are planning to go public, I personally believe the writing is on the wall and their products won’t really be suitable for the enthusiast/home DIY market in the near future.

My only other experience with alternative SBC boards was the ASUS Tinkerboard (I believe it was somewhat better than the 3B at one point), but I quickly sold it and got a 3B+ when that came out.

Looking at the DietPi statistics, it seems that ODROID is the next largest SBC manufacturer after Raspberry Pi (albeit with an enormous, overwhelming delta in share).

Their prices do seem somewhat high and the local ecosystem seems much more modest than with Raspberry Pi.

Any thoughts about ODROID and its use with DietPi or other supported SBC OEMs?

But why? They also said they will focus on the same target group as before. I think they just plan to get more into industrial / commercial usage, but will not abandon the “prosumer”, enthusiast and educational customers.
Support- and price-wise nothing can really compare to Raspberry Pis, I think.

Support-wise (and price?) there is definitely no comparison. Not even close.

But let’s just say my theory turns out to be correct (for the sake of argument), what alternative SBCs could we consider in the next ~3 years? How is DietPi on ODROID? Which ODROID SBC is roughly comparable to Pi 4 (they seem to have x86 options too?) Any other SBC options with a more community focus?

What is supported you can see here: https://dietpi.com/#download
There is also a summarization of the basic hardware specs of each SBC / device.

Radxa are pretty well known in the SBC market, both for ARM and RISC-V. Orange Pi would be a good consideration too since they’re (quelle surprise) targeting the same market as RaspberryPi. From reviews I’ve seen they do decent Linux support too.