Radxa Zero Waveshare 5.5" Amoled no config.txt file

Hello. On the beginning i want to write i’m complete noob on linux command lines but i hoping the problem it isn’t on my side. I want to use Dietpi with radxa zero as portable mediaplayer with m.2 disk problem is i only have waveshare displays and both not working with dietpi instaled on radxa zero. Displays are HDMI and working well with Dietpi on RPI4 so Displays are ok, radxa zero with Dietpi work fine with two TV one 4K another HD or FHD.
Ineed to know which file i supose to edit and put display configuration
Under boot directory i do not have config.txt file

Dietpi installed on emmc i’m using PuTTY on windows and kyboard with TV after flashing emmc or micro sd with system i cannot browse the files.
I’m really open for ideas so bad that i even ordered Pi Zero 2w but im scared that 512mb ram is not gonna be enough to play flac files.

config.txt is RPi specific file and not available on other SBC.

So where i supose to put display settings?

YOo need add the correct overlay in /boot/armbian.txt I think.
or is it dietpiEnv.txt? there should be another txt file :smiley:

Maybe @MichaIng knows which one is needed

There is dietpiEnv.txt and look like this:

If I understood correctly @joeder3th got a Waveshare 10.1 QLED working on a Radxa Zero 2

Other than GPIO-attached LCDs, HDMI LCDs do not require any device tree overlay.

What exactly is the issue current? Usually the native resolution should be auto-detected and applied automatically.

Do you need it to show the bare console or some desktop/GUI/X application?

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