Radxa Zero 2 change of display resolution


I have a problem with the resolution of my touch screen. I use the latest version of dietpi on a radxa zero 2 and a Waveshare 10.1 QLED display. Unfortunately I don’t have the option to set the resolution in the configuration menu. Because I get the message here that the option is not available. where can I set the resolution in the config?

The waveshare wiki says:

  1. Add the following code at the end of config.txt, then save and quit the TF card safely.
hdmi_timings=1280 0 160 32 48 720 0 10 10 12 0 0 0 60 0 77000000 3

So the question is, will these parameters work also in your /boot/dietpiEnv.txt? They are specific for RPi? And if yes, how would you notate them? As extraargs=?
We need documentation on this, these question came up quite often lately.

thanks for the reply and information.
I tried it, unfortunately it doesn’t work. neither with the extraargs nor without them…

you can’t use Raspberry Pi paramter and settings on Radxa device. I guess you need to activate some overlay. But I don’t know which one. Probably you can ask Waveshare which settings are needed on Radxa Zero 2. Or @MichaIng has some ideas.