qBittorrent remote password

I have opened the qBittorrent port on my router and I can access it with + my public IP remotely, so far so good… but when I put the user and pass, it always gives me an error, any idea?

Did you try your global software password?

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Yes, of course, it is the one with which I access from my house, but if I access remotely it gives an error

I tested this right now and I can’t reproduce this. First login password was “dietpi” like mentioned in the docs. Than I changed it and I’m able to login, reaching the web UI via my DDNS domain.

The error says, the password is incorrect?

yes that is the mistake

And the very same password is working inside your local network?

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Is it maybe possible that you use not the same keyboard layout when you remote in?

I had a similiar issue some days ago, when I installed DietPi on an old laptop. I forgot to change my keyboard layout before changing my passwords, so I typed them in with english keyboard (default setting) on the machine itself, changed then the layout. I tried to ssh in from another machine (with german keyboard layout) which was not possible bc the password was not correct.I needed some minutes to figure out what was wrong.

Maybe it’s similiar in your case?!


Yes, locally it is the same password and it works for me without problem. As for the keyboard, well, I’ll try it to see if it’s my case…

Are you using a reverse proxy? I had a similar problem when using nginх as reverse proxy and basic http auth.

Fixed. It was the keyboard that the colleague commented

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