Put dietpi install file, from within dietpi

I have an extra external micro sd card connected through a card reader to my pie4. Is there any easy way to put a dietpi boot install file on that card from within dietpi? Its for another raspberry pi

If you use a desktop environment, you can just follow our tutorial and use balena etcher:

If you work from CLI, you can follow a tutorial like Writing an SD Card Image Using Linux Command Line Tools

Be careful at step 4, if you already unzipped the image you don’t need to use xzcat command.
Let me know if you need further assistance.

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What exactly you mean by this? What kind of file you are looking for?

I just meant if I could flash and put the install file using dietpi since I don’t have much acess to a pc/mac

You can use dd command to flash the image directly to an attached SD card.

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