Problem with rTorrent/rutorrent [SLOVED]

There is problem with rtorrent config file on some private trackers it don’t download torrents (it don’t get peers list).
(DietPi 7.02)

rtorrent errors in ruTorrent interface:

Tracker: [Failure reason \"Missing key: port\"]


Tracker: [Failure reason \"Invalid request 6\"]

Removing this line

network.port_open.set = no

from .rtorrent.rc file helps.


many thanks for sharing. The value is set by dietpi-software explicitly.

Let’s check with the developer. MichaIng can you have a look pls

It was part of this default config update:
The major reason I think it is fine is that when using a VPN, which is highly recommended, port forwarding is disabled in very most cases anyway. And of course it only works in combination with related port forwarding from the router in case. Without, you’ll find/connect to peers (the way we tested it), but it takes longer indeed. Not sure if different trackers work different and some may strictly require open ports?

But we should at least document this: