Portainer - Swarm installation

Would there be anyway to make portainer available as a swarm installation (it’s possible to enable swarm with only one node). The idea here is that the standalone version, for some reason, doesn’t supporte docker-compose files at v3, and more and more projects has it at it’s version…

If anyone knows how I could convert my current standalone installed version (via dietpi-software) to swarm, I’m a taker ! :slight_smile:


not sure which portainer version you are running but Portainer CE 2.1.1 does support Compose >3 in standalone hosts https://www.portainer.io/blog/portainer-release-2.1.1

Bit of googling found this


no need for DietPi to build it in…simple commands will set it up

upgrade docker to latest issue
upgrade docker swarm

just run following to update portainer to latest version

dietpi-software reinstall 185


Joulinar Went on and used the command, upgraded to 2.1.1 (not sure which one I had before, didn’t check :man_facepalming:) but I still get error that composer V3 isn’t supported :man_shrugging:

WarHawk your links seems to relate to Portainer Business, or it’s also applicable to CE ?

jollyrogr UGH. Scrap my last message. It’s not available yet for ARM (I’m running on a Pi4.), this explaining that.

in this case you can try to build your own arm image. usually image creator have their Dockerfile files located on GitHub. But it’s a pity that not all images are available on arm/arm64

Nah, it’s actually their own binary of docker-compose that is not available for ARM. Why they build their own is over my head, but they do that ! :man_shrugging:

docker-compose is available via dietpi-software. you should be able to use it even without portainer

True, but they use their own with Portainer. I just don’t want to play with Docker on CLI myself, that’s why I’m sticking to portainer :wink: I’m just… Not truly docker savvy enough for that :sweat_smile:

maybe you like to share the image you are trying to run. And if it is 32 or 64bit

Just for info, the bit about the ARM image is coming from the link you provided: https://www.portainer.io/blog/portainer-release-2.1.1

Note this feature is only available for AMD64 architectures (Windows & Linux). The team are still working on creating a standalone binary for Compose that works on ARM/ARM64 (we aim to add support for these architectures in a future release).

Now what I’m running is what comes out of the box from DietPi’s software list.

Now what I’m running is what comes out of the box from DietPi’s software list.

I guess we miss understood. What Compose script you like to run?

Oh yeah, I definitely misread that, sorry ! :wink:

So far, those I wanted to install are ERPNext https://erpnext.com/ (https://github.com/frappe/erpnext), and something to host private PHP Composer packages… So either Statis (https://github.com/composer/satis but they don’t have any docker-compose file anyway, just plain Dockerfile) or Repman (https://repman.io/docs/standalone/), which also acts as a proxy to Packagist, which is nice…

not sure if this will work on ARM based system. At least frappe images seems to be available on AMD64 only. Same for composer/satis and buddy/repman, no ARM image.

At least if I read hub.docker.com correctly

AH! Good call, I didn’t even bother check that before trying their docker-compose files… I really need to get myself an AMD64 machine for my homelab !

Still I don’t understand why people didn’t cross build images for all platforms :roll_eyes:

You could try to have a VM running somewhere or you are going to build the required images yourself.

I know there are some edge issues with Alpine, but I’m with you on that, there’s no reason not to build images for all distros at this point.

Thanks for trying with me :slight_smile:

I will move the topic to general discussions.

Hope you will find your way to get your apps up and running on a different hardware