Plex user/Group for files

Hi All,

Seem to be having some library issues since the recent Plex Server updates.

Just want to check what the Folder / Files should be for them, files are download by Sonarr first to a TV Shows folder,
and Plex library is point to it.

TV Show → Walker → Season 01 → Walker - [S01x01] - Pilot.mkv

what would the Linxu User:Group be for these files… and for the actual file should it be RW-RW-RW (666) or some other ?

currently having to set it all to Root:Root and 666


Usually on DietPi we setup group dietpi for these apps who exchange data like sonarr. Actually I’m not sure if we do same for Plex. But something that could be checked easily.

ah cool… could you check… i’d like Sonarr to correctly be setting the filenames and groups correctly and for Plex to be able to see and read the files so it can play them… the root:root and 777 is a bit a no no … i know :slight_smile:

So in Sonarr the setting is like this … i guess out of the box as i’ve never been in here.

Set Permissions
If you're unsure what these settings do, do not alter them.
chmod Folder

Octal, applied during import/rename to media folders and files (without execute bits)
This only works if the user running sonarr is the owner of the file. It's better to ensure the download client sets the permissions properly.
chown Group
Group name or gid. Use gid for remote file systems.
This only works if the user running sonarr is the owner of the

Usually Sonarr should write files as group dietpi already.

Have a look to our online docs for Sonarr, section first run setup