Plex media server install

Hey, hopefully someone can help me out.

I’ve installed dietpi on a 16GB sd for raspberrypi 3B. Install went ok with no issues that I could see. When running dietpi-software and installing plex from list it shows install completed at the end and a command appears indicating the applications are restarting, but it never reboots. I have now plex installed but I should have (after the reboot I guess) an automatic configuration screen that never appears. I tried different softwares in the meantime but never got a reboot or configuration screen for any.

Thanks for your time

What exactly should reboot? The system will not reboot on software installation

Plex is a web application you need to open a web browser on your desktop computer to reach plex. See our online docs Media Systems Software Options - Docs

There is no configuration screen on CLI

Thanks for helping. In some guides it appears that there are some menus that do not appear.

The menus Im talking are something like this (which never shows during setup:

probably some very old guides you are looking to. Next, this is not a configuration screen. It seems an information that appears during installation. Not after. Just follow our online docs to connect.