OrangePi Zero support

The new OrangePi Zero is a very interesting device: small, powerful (H2+ quad-core), with 256 or 512Mb of RAM, 1 USB Port, Ethernet, onboard wifi and 13 pins for expansions. All this for $8.99 ($6.99 for 256MB version)!

Is there any chance that we’ll see a version of DietPi for this device?

Looks interesting board. If I can get my hands on one, we can create the image and support it.

At the moment, cant find a place to buy in UK, 20-40 day delivery time from, unless I pay for 7-15 day delivery @ $30. Add £14 import tax, turns out to be an expensive purchase :frowning:, so will have to wait for EU/UK sellers, or, get OrangePi to send us a dev sample.

I have ordered directly from the manufacturer. It will take some time to get here, but hey… For less than $12 including shipping it’s worth the wait :smiley:
I vote for the 20-40 days delivery time! :stuck_out_tongue:
If necessary, and others are interested too, we could even try to collect the money…
Anyway, I have read on the armbian forum that the image for the OrangePi One is almost 100% compatible (it just needs the wireless drivers to be added)

Yep, so in total, we’d need to raise $10.58 and £14 (for import tax). If you could help spread the word, would be a great help :slight_smile:

Donate via PayPal here, use comment “OrangePi Zero”: As soon as funds cover the costs, i’ll get it ordered.

Anyway, I have read on the armbian forum that the image for the OrangePi One is almost 100% compatible (it just needs the wireless drivers to be added)

We have a OrangePi One image, so you could use that in the mean time (minus the wireless support):

Hello. I have tried to contact Steven Zhao of Xunlong on AliExpress to ask if he were willing to send a free sample to the DietPi project.
He replied asking to be contacted by email, and he seems to be cooperating.
I guess it would be best if someone officially from DietPi concluded this agreement, unless I receive the permission to negotiate on their behalf.
Please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

anyone know a European reseller of OP zero? I’m very interested :smiley:

Is there a way to contact Fourdee directly? I have contacted Steven Zhao via email, and he’s willing to send a sample of the OrangePi Zero to the DietPi project, but I guess he needs the address to send to. :smiley:

Great work, looks promising.

My email is If you can forward the email, i’ll send the address :slight_smile:

Done! Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Excellent, thank you. I’ll CC you in the emails :slight_smile:

Thanks, I saw it… I’ve noticed you addressed me instead of Steven, in your mail. I’m sure he’ll get it though. :smiley:

Lmao, yep, whoopsie :smiley:

I’ve seen he has replied… it seems like good news :slight_smile:

Yep, just waiting for confirmation of it being sent.

Great work on instigating this, really appreciate it.

In fact, I have a spare NanoPi M3 i can send you (If your outside UK i’ll need to check costs to send, may need help covering it). Let me know if you are interested?

No problem! I’m just glad it worked! :slight_smile:
I used to ask for all sorts of devices when I wrote for a blog… sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but one thing I’ve learned is that you always have to try :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s very generous!! I’d love to try a NanoPi, since they are not easy to find here in Italy.
Let me know how much shipping would end up costing… If it’s not much, and you really don’t need the NanoPi, then I’ll gladly accept. Otherwise the image of DietPi for the OPi Zero will be a good enough reward :slight_smile:

Email me your address and i’ll take a look :slight_smile:

I’ve built a beta image for the zero, I’ll post a link shortly. Keep in mind its not official and I have not resized it meaning you need a minimum of an 8g card to write it on.

It uses around 535m

root@DietPi:~# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p2 7.3G 535M 6.7G 8% /
udev 10M 0 10M 0% /dev
tmpfs 49M 4.5M 44M 10% /run
tmpfs 121M 0 121M 0% /dev/shm
tmpfs 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock
tmpfs 121M 0 121M 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
tmpfs 10M 1.2M 8.9M 12% /DietPi
tmpfs 20M 16K 20M 1% /var/log
tmpfs 121M 0 121M 0% /tmp
/dev/mmcblk0p1 64M 18M 47M 28% /boot


Excellent work, looks good and thanks for sharing.

I’am still waiting for the OPi Zero to turn up, once it does I’ll check out your image :slight_smile:

Great job!
Did you also manage to work on the onboard wifi?