Open Beta v8.12 | Please help testing and hardening our upcoming release

The new DietPi beta v8.12 is ready for testing. All info can be found on GitHub:

Many thanks to all testers :heart: !



I would like to test the Beta v8.12 , but I have a configuration headless and I think I forgot to set the backup auto during the installation - so I don’t know if my backup that I have on a USB stick will actually work … :sweat_smile:
And as I don’t have any screen connected I can’t really see what’s going on …

All relevant things should be visible/testable via SSH :slightly_smiling_face:. A backup is however always good to have, just in case.

yes I know I was already fooled during the first installation ^^ - I will make a clean backup and try to test the v8.12, we’ll see .
I guess I need to change the /boot/dietpi.txt to allow automatic restore if something uncool happens no ?

The automatic restore works on very first boot only. Boot critical stuff is not changed with DietPi updates, as long as not kernel/bootloader packages are upgraded as well. If you want to be super save, a full clone of the SD card/root drive could be done, and the APT upgrades separately before the DietPi update:

apt update
apt full-upgrade

If it reboots fine, or no firmware upgrade included, then the DietPi update won’t break anything. What changes is usually among our tools/scripts, software options and uncritical system configurations.

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My /rootfs is on USB SSD attached to my Pi, I just kept the boot on the SD card ( USB 2.0 only and no advantage to boot on SSD according to my tests ) - ok I’ll go for it and follow your advice - I’ll be back to report on the situation :sweat_smile:

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what SBC you are using?

RPi 3 Model B (aarch64)

You mean no benefit of using USB boot? Well everything is better than using SD card :smiley:

… The first few times I installed everything on the SSD, I didn’t find that it made much difference to the startup, maybe a bad manipulation on my part … I only have USB 2.0 on this SBC and when I look at the benchmarks I find that in my case it’s not great (SSD Crucial MX500)

Not always performance-wise (but mostly), but at least the USB drive won’t die as fast as an SD card (in average).

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its more about reliability. SD cards have a higher risk to die or get corrupted. Even if SSD is not faster, it’s way more stable :slight_smile:

Another option is to use eMMC module RaspiKey for RPi devices.

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ahhh , yes I didn’t think about the life of the SD card ^^ - especially since she is not young

  • so is there any way to transfer the /boot to my SSD, while everything is already installed?

-eMMC module RaspiKey for RPi devices it’s a good idea i think …

on RPi, this is an own vfat partition. Not that easy to copy from A to B as your SSD already fully used by an ext4 partition, I guess.

for testing I got 2 of them. But I need to say, they are not cheap :see_no_evil:

I have another free partion in reserve …100GiB size that I can use …if it’s not too risky

Theoretically it should be possible to use dd to transfer partition. But I would like to wait on some advice of @MichaIng

yes yes ok …I have plenty of time no problem - thanks a lot anyway :wink: