Odroid HC4 booting from SSD

I bought a new SSD to replace the actual microSD I am using on my Odroid, and I thought I could boot from SSD but I can´t.

I read many links like:

RaspberryPi4 RPi4 Upgrading from existing SD card setup to boot from SSD

How to make a duplicate of SD card with only Windows available ?

No longer booting from SSDTopic is solved

I made all the steps, and I always get a black screen when booting

I made a clone with Win32 Disk Imager, I flash it into the SSD, I boot, I select the partition to boot from SSD and then nothing.

I replicate the procedure with another microSD instead the SSD and it worked.

I can’t replace the microSD with an SSD on the Odroid??

The only way to use the ssd is to move RootFS with Drive Manager?

Thank you as always.

The topics you linked are related to Raspberry Pi. But you are running a Odroid HC4, which I guess iw working differently in terms of USB mass storage boot. You would need to have a look on how to boot from USB in general on a Odroid HC4. I found a topic on Armbian forum that might be similar to you


It seems a bit complecated…

I have moved RootFs through drive-manager, and it worked perfectly :ok_hand:

Sorry, but I am getting crazy…, months ago I did succesfully the transfer o RootFs to an SSD. As I said on other post, I recently install the latest image for Odroid HC4 and after setting everything again, I was going to do the SSD thing, and I can’t see the option to transfer RootFs, I only see the user date option and swap…

Thank you…

The current Armbian based image has a single ext4 partition only. There is no dedicated boot and root file system anymore. Therefore you don’t see a rootFS partition.

So there is no solution to use the ssd to not wear down the microSD??

you could move user data directory to the HDD. This would reduce r/w operation for apps storing their data there.

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Yep if there isn’t more options… Althought most apps does not save data on dietpi user data

Maybe you guys can have a look at armbian script to se how they do to have only bootloader on SD:

Thank you team as always!

EDIT: @Joulinar @MichaIng

I’m thinking this, and maybe I’m saying nonsense things… Is an option to install armbian, and do the script thing to move boot to sd, and then clone image the DietPi SD to an SSD and try to boot?

I’m actually working on a patch to our /boot/boot.cmd to set fdtfile explicitly, which is missing when using the SPI petitboot bootloader. With this, it should be possible to boot from USB, at least in Odroid N2 it is.


Great great news, thank you so much for your support!

Hi Michal, any lack with USB? I’ve just bought HC4 and would like to help with feature development/testing.

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Check my post on Odroid forum about what to test: ODROID HC4 install issues DietPi and Debian 11 - ODROID
I edited it to cover C4/HC4. I can test on Odroid N2+.