oDroid C1+ update kernel

i am running an Odroid C1+ with DietPi 143

i am trying to get tvheadend backend working, but no adapter is being found, i read there is native support for PCTV 461e from kernel 3.14 and up, the current C1+ kernel in dietpi is 3.4

so can i update the kernel in dietpi? if so, how? is it an easy process?


Kernel updates are provided in apt-get upgrade, via Meveric’s repo.

If you have 3.4 installed, this would be newer than 3.14, and therefore, should include native support that was made available in 3.14.

Unfortunately, i have no experience with tvheadend backend devices. I’am unable to assist you with this at this time.

ok ill look into that, hopefully with some success

3.4 was released 2012 and 3.14 was 2014

sorry, C1+ is using 3.10.104, my OrangePi Plus is using 3.4.113

Cant believe I wrote that, couldn’t be more wrong, apologies.

It looks like the current Odroid C1 kernel, as provided by HardKernel (which is what Meveric, and therefore DietPi uses), is 3.10:

Although not helpful, the Odroid C2 is 3.14:

I very much doubt HK will invest in upgrading the C1 kernel (you’d need to ask). Possibly the C2/XU4.