Use XFS on Odroid C2. Update to Kernel v4?

Hi there.

First of all, thank you very much for your work. I really love it.

I recently purchased an Odroid C2 to serve as a home server (nfs, emby, nextcloud, etc.), substituting a RaspberryPI 2. I intended to use it with an attached HDD formatted with XFS. I have sadly discovered that it just does not work with XFS.
dmesg shows:

[354456.918254] XFS (dm-16): Version 5 superblock detected. This kernel has EXPERIMENTAL support enabled!
Use of these features in this kernel is at your own risk!
[354456.918391] XFS (dm-16): Superblock has unknown read-only compatible features (0x1) enabled.
[354456.918461] XFS (dm-16): Attempted to mount read-only compatible filesystem read-write.
Filesystem can only be safely mounted read only.
[354456.918477] XFS (dm-16): SB validate failed with error 22.

I have read:

XFS module is loaded in my system, so I guess that Kernel 3.14 is just too old.


  • Can I expect Kernel 4 any time soon with just an aptitude upgrade?
  • If not, how could I install it on my own? I read that is for testing only, but is it feasible? I don’t do any critical stuff.
  • Is there any workaround to mount that XFS system with kernel 3 or will it implode?

Thank you very much for your answer, Fourdee.

I am having a hard time deciding this matter, but I think I will go with just reformatting my HDD.


Apologies, I gave you incorrect information regarding the 4.9 kernel for Odroid XU4.

The Odroid C2 does not currently have an official 4.x kernel yet:

You’d need to ask Odroid if they are planning to implement it in the future.

can we update manualy 4.X kernel update on C2 ?

It appears that there is now support for kernel v4.
Will this be implemented in DietPi soon?


Hi Wayne,

Hmmm … for Odroid C2 with Amlogic S905 Quad Core Cortex™-A53 1.5GHz 64bit ?
Can you please share a link with us?

You are on the wrong source tree /branch for Odroid C2.

It is Linux Kernel 4.14 for ODROID-XU4/XU3/HC1/MC1

All branches




  • Ubuntu 16.04 or Android 6.0 Marshmallow based on Kernel 3.14LTS