Octolapse and Octoprint

Hi people,

I was wondering if anybody could help. To configure the advanced camera settings from within octolapse you would usually make some changes to the octopi.txt but obviously this isn’t octopi. Should I find out what changes are required and apply them to dietpi’s config or should I be putting them somewhere else?

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It uses mjpg-streamer. You can install it on DietPi via:

dietpi-software install 137

Check out our docs for some details: https://dietpi.com/docs/software/camera/#mjpg-streamer
As mentioned, it is configured for OctoPrint automatically, when OctoPrint was or is installed. To change the camera settings, check the HTML authentication tab about how to change the service parameters. For the UVC camera input plugin, available options can be found here: https://github.com/jacksonliam/mjpg-streamer/tree/master/mjpg-streamer-experimental/plugins/input_uvc