Nextcloud 25 on pi3b+: This directory is unavailable, please check the logs or contact the administrator


Asking the experts here although not directly related to dietpI

I updated my pi to bullseye which then allowed me updating my nextcloud from 23 to 24 and finally to 25 as per notifications using the nextcloud webui.

Now I cannot access files anymore and the internet says nextcloud 25 doesn’t support 32bit.

Why could I update to 25 if this breaks the nextcloud install?

Can I make 25 work with my setup or do I have to revert back to 24? How do I do that?
I tried reinstalling nextcloud via DietPi-Software but that didn’t help.

I am a little concerned a am trapped and no access to my files anymore.

Any help is appreciated.


Was Nextcloud 24 the last running version with 32 bit?

If yes, you could do a restore to 24. In the directory /mnt/ietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data/updater-<…>/backups there are backups of your /var/www/nextcloud/ directory structure. The restore can be done manually via the cp -R ... command.

No need doing this. There will be a patch with 25.0.2 to get 32bit support back. In meantime we will provide a workaround on next release. Until this you could try to have it done manually. v8.11 · MichaIng/DietPi@450c613 · GitHub

sed -i 's/self::SIZE_PROPERTYNAME, function () use ($node): ?int/self::SIZE_PROPERTYNAME, function () use ($node)/' /var/www/nextcloud/apps/dav/lib/Connector/Sabre/FilesPlugin.php
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And of course this is working again.

Amazing. :sunglasses:

In another post, I read nextcloud 26 will drop 32bit.

Am I screwed with my pi3b+? What are the options other than being stuck on nextcloud 25?


You can use the 64bit dietpi image with your 3B+.

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perform a reinstall of the entire system on 64bit :slight_smile:

Which means I have to reinstall and reconfigure everything I have done so far?

Or are there ways to carry over config files for the various programs like wireguard, pinhole, vaultwarden, lighttpd, nextcloud all combined with HTTPS to name a few?

It took me some sweat (and your support) to configure all of this in the last couple of months.

yes some manuell effort would be needed as not everything could be copied/migrated.

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