New frenchy user on Dietpi

Hello dietpi forum, :call_me_hand:

New user of dietpi on my RPi 3 Model B (armv7l), I wanted to thank this community, for the support it provides.
I just installed the latest release, and all work fine !! (thanks to the different topic).
I spent a lot of time trying to get my raspberryPi optimally configured, and it’s finally working, but I still have a lot of things to discover.
So thank you all, and surely see you soon, because I know myself I’m a specialist to break the Os that work very well normally. :sweat_smile:

Big up for this Highly optimised minimal Debian OS :call_me_hand:

PS: this message was translate by deepl, beacause my english is not perfect…sorry for that !

Hello and welcome to our community!

I recommend to make a backup of your running and working system with dietpi-backup (to an external drive). In the case you break something you can just restore the whole system.
Happy experimenting! :wink:


Thanks @Jappe

I have an external SSD connected to the raspberrypi on which I moved rootfs and boot to save my sd card.
I’m going to try to make a backup now, but I don’t know yet where to store it so it’s easily accessible.
I’m going to check the topic related to dietpi-backup…not sure that I can manage without help. :sweat_smile:

Why not booting of the SSD completely? This way you can remove SD card fully. Btw, you should use a self-powered SSD and not relay on the USB port of Raspberry Pi.

A simple USB pen stick should be fine.

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Bienvenue :wink: !

J’ai découvert dietpi il y a pplus d’un an et depuis je fais tout avec sur un pi zero que j’utilise en petit serveur apache/mosquitto/node red et autres et c’est vraiment super pour apprendre et bidouiller.

Fait effectivement des sauvegardes de ta carte mais aussi des backup de ton systeme sur ta carte avec dietpi backup pour pouvoir expérimenter des trucs au niveau logiciel et pouvoir revenir facilement en arrière.

Bon 11 novembre ^ !! :fr:

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Welcome :wink: !

I discovered dietpi more than a year ago and since then I’ve been doing everything with it on a pi zero that I use as a small apache/mosquitto/node red server and others and it’s really great for learning and tinkering.

I’ve been using it for a while now as a small apache/mosquitto/node red server and it’s really great to learn and work on. Make backups of your card but also backups of your system on your card with dietpi backup to be able to experiment with software stuff and easily go back.

Happy 11th of November ^! :fr:

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yes I saw that it was better to have a self powered ssd, but I didn’t have that at hand when I decided to install dietpi.
Thanks a lot for the advice, I’ll see how I can auto-power my SSD…I’m often not very quick to decide…if you want I can make you a picture of my strange setup (I know)…and tell me what you think?

It’s a recommendation from our end as we had a couple of users who run into voltage issues. Especially on RPi4 device. It might goanna work but something to keep in mind if thinks happen :wink:

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Hello @ Black_Dynamit3 and thank you .
Yes, I think I’m going to make a backup soon…after talking about it and not having done it yet, something strange is going to happen… :sweat_smile:

:joy:…yes I’m often used to tinkering…and getting stuck, and having to start all over again …I’m used to it as I often install Os such as Arium on my laptop …and often everything doesn’t work out very well

The most 3.5" external hard drive cases come with it’s own power supply. I don’t know any 2.5" which come with this.
I personally use this to power my SSD:

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yes thx @Jappe …i check this soon …but for now i go to make a backup…before something strange happened :call_me_hand:

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:sweat_smile: …a bit too late for the backup, my external SSD crashed, I had to do a complete reinstall … for now keeps, I will have to order a power supply Inateck USB 3.0 to SATA Hard Disk Adapter for 2.5 “/ 3.5” SATA HDD / SSD converter with external power supply for + reliability . Here’s the latest news for now, it’s up and running!
Glad to have found this forum, thanks for everything - :call_me_hand: - (I’ll try to run like this for now, and do the minimum installation.)

There’s also USB 3.0 Y-adapter cable if you don’t want to use external power source. It will use an extra usb port instead.

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