Network problem on reboot - Orange pi zero 3


I installed this DietPi script on Orange Pi Zero 3 :slight_smile:

bash -c "$(curl -sSfL '')"

Everything works fine except wifi not working, but that’s ok. The funny thing is etho only works if I hard reboot the pi. If it reboot from console with ‘reboot’, eth0 not works.

Here the logs from the boot afte a reboot command:

ifup@eth0.service: Bound to unit sys-subsystem-net-devices-eth0.device, but unit isn't active.
Dependency failed for ifup@eth0.service - ifup for eth0.
ifup@eth0.service: Job ifup@eth0.service/start failed with result 'dependency'.

Any tips?

Anyone? Please?

I had an Orange Pi Zero Plus2 and had similar issues that WiFi did not work. I tested quite much with Armbian and the DietPi conversion script.
The problem was that the Armbian image did not support the WiFi.
It ended up with sellih my Opi 0+2 and use a different hardware type. sniff

Well my problem is not wifi, is Ethernet that only works on hardware reboot. If I software reboot there’s no Ethernet.

Maybe if I put a cron job script to bring up ethert on boot? Just thinking…

But um using dietpi normally besides that.

@MichaIng any ideas?

Well I just installed a hardware button that I can control by Alexa, that way I can power on and off without login the network. Not the best workaround, I gonna wait if this board can be supported officially. (I also have a Orange Pi 3b, in this one I can’t even start the network)