Mounting new drive, can't map it

I am new to dietpi, so far I love it.

I have a small 128gig SSD that I would like to map to my windows machine. I plugged it into the dietpi, went into the drive manager and mounted it.

Now I am not sure how to map it. On the initial setup I mapped my 1TB drive to (\\dietpi) with no issues. Now I am not sure what address to use for the new drive. Am I missing a step?

You already configured and installed Samba server? If yes, you need to configure Samba to export/share the drive.

Thanks for the info. I do not see an option in dietpi-config or any of the other menus. Do you have a how-to to point to me?

Have you tried using dietpi-drive_manager already?

Yes, that is where I mounted the drive at. But I do not see an option to configure samba.

EDIT: Do I need to setup a new user for this drive?


Got it figured out.

SSH into dietpi
at the prompt type (sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf)
at the bottom of the file (below where the first drive is located) type the following

[disk2]   (this is the target for the new map)
path = /mnt/disk2/
valid users = dietpi
writable = yes
read only = no
guest ok = no

Restart samba with the following:

sudo systemctl restart smbd

chmod the your disks new path so that you can both read and write to it. Go to windows and map a new network drive using the following (\\disk2) . Use the dietpi as the login.

Thanks for everone’s help on this issue. I learned a lot.

Yes correct, there is no GUI option to modify Samba configuration. Always good to have a look into our online docs File Servers Options - Docs

Btw: if you don’t like to have 2 Samba shares, you could adjust your first [dietpi] share and change path to /mnt. This way you have both disk below the same network share on Windows :wink: