Most lightweight torrent option

I am looking for the most lightweight torrent software that I can use on dietpi. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don’t need it to do anything but work with sonarr.

I am currently using qbittorrent but it seems to crash now after setting up NZBGet.

Optimized for dietpi:


transimission works fine with sonarr in my case and it is very light.

You can use µTorrent (incredibly light torrent system) but it’s not a standard DietPi package, it does have a remote webpage generated so you can control it thru a webbrowser
The discussion link below the download shows the deps needed for install

I would bet the setup for µTorrent would be very close to the same for rtorrent

utorrent it is not the same as rutorrent.

utorrent it is commercial product
rutorrent is webGUI for rtorrent